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Alternative Press placed Thinking Plague, in the vanguard of groups riding the crest of a largely unheralded avant-progressive tsunami, an idiom responsible for some of the 20th century’s most significant musical achievements. The manner in which Thinking Plague have condensed only the most fertile (and often the most pulverizing) aspect of the last 30 years of progressive exploration into an nth-degree endgame is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


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RUNE 320

"Thinking Plague lays down some of the most rhythmically complex, texturally inventive, and melodically challenging popular music of the last 30 years, and somehow makes it all sound easy and natural." – All Music Guide

Decline and Fall is the long awaited sixth album from a group who personifies the term 'beloved underground favorites'. From the group's beginnings as a duo doing basement recording experiments nearly 30 years ago until now, Thinking Plague has always had a strong vision of their unique take on progressive rock music. Despite the very long lifespan of the band and the many years between records, the basic sound of the group and instrumentation was set early and the years since have seen interesting variations on their sound, from the stripped down approach of the earliest work to the deep layering of electronic sounds and samples of their last album.

Decline and Fall strips back a lot of the 'studio-isms' and more than ever, sounds like the work of a really powerful band. The album adds a few other new surprises, most notably the addition of wonderful vocalist Elaine Di Falco who fits right into what may be the band's most demanding job. She sings with great poise and control the band's hallmark melodic lines - passages that would trip up a lesser vocalist. Also new is keyboardist/drummer Kimara Sajn who plays with tremendous authority on both instruments (although just before finishing up the album, the group added drummer Robin Chestnut who appears on one track). Returning are long-term members Mark Harris on saxes and clarinets, Dave Willey on bass and Mike Johnson, the band's guitarist, leader and composer.

A new album by Thinking Plague is always an event; working slowly and unwaveringly, the group has released a handful of brilliant, art-rock classics. Decline and Fall is the latest of them.

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RUNE 180

A History of Madness presents a further maturation of the band’s sound. Its warm, organic sound is due in part to the inclusion of acoustic instruments in the mix, which is also interwoven with electronic sounds and samples. The CD includes two soundscape pieces, “War on Terra” and “Le Gouffre”, that leader Mike Johnson maintains: “are really a departure for me, or a beginning, as it were, in that they are my first really serious forays into the realm of semi-composed, sonic environments rather than organized pieces or songs." The line up is Mike Johnson (guitars), Deborah Perry (vocals), Dave Willey (bass and accordions), Dave Shamrock (formerly of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) (drums), Mark Harris (reeds) and Matt Mitchell (piano, harmonium, synths) with contributions from other musicians, including Dave Kerman (percussion), Ron Miles (trumpet), Mark McCoin (samples and soundscapes) and others. The CD’s magic reveals itself on multiple listenings, in exploring the work’s threads like currents in a stream. However, a single listen will suffice to leave most spellbound.

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RUNE 141

For years Mike Johnson was certain that the mastertapes for Thinking Plague's first two albums were long lost. They recently surfaced and made Early Plague Years possible. Thinking Plague grew out of basement recording experiments by Mike Johnson and Bob Drake in the early 80's. They released their 1st lp, ...a thinking plague in 1984 on their own label in a hand-painted edition of 500. They then disbanded the original version of the band & formed a new version, featuring Susanne Lewis & others. This band released Moonsongs in 1986, which Option called "stunning" upon its release.

Newly remastered by Bob Drake, with astonishingly improved sound, this marks the 1st time that these vinyl rarities have been available in over a decade. You can hear the development of the band grow from their roots into the sound that could only be theirs.

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RUNE 113

When a band has gone 9 years between releases, I suppose it's fair to call this new release "greatly anticipated"! In Extremis includes leader/composer Mike Johnson, Bob Drake, Dave Kerman as well as a host of new names, all of whom turn in tremendous performances on vocals, guitars, multiple reeds, accordion, keyboards, bass, drums and more. Tuneful, well composed & strongly structured, this is very much in the vanguard of the RIO art-rock song style, along with peers such as U Totem, the 5uu's & the Art Bears.

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