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RUNE 164

Platypus is the second album by this instrumental chamber rock/zeuhl/R.I.O. ensemble from Bordeaux, France. Sotos was formed in January of 1996. From the beginning the line up has been the same five young musicians on guitar, violin, cello, bass and drums, all of whom were students at the French National School of Music when they formed the group. In 1999, they recorded their first album which was released on the French Gazul label and which met with strong acclaim. Platypus was recorded by the noted engineer Bob Drake, who has done fine work for 5uu's, Nebelnest, The Science Group, Thinking Plague and others, and the nicely recorded and balanced sound allows you to hear all the strong nuances of this rich and complex music. There is so much good work that is left to be done in this field of music, and so few people working in this vein, that Platypus is sure to be a best of the year release to fans of Bela Bartok, Doctor Nerve, King Crimson, Magma, Igor Stravinsky, Univers Zero, Zypressen and other contemporary composers and ensembles.

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Michale and Yan Hezera are also members of ZAAR

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