Chicago-based composer, improviser and multi-media artist Rob Mazurek has drawn inspiration from a multitude of audio and visual styles and sources over the past three decades. Augmenting his cornet playing with computer programming, electronics and an assortment of keyboards, Mazurek's broad electro-acoustic palette defies simple categorization. Having relocated back to Chicago after an extended stay in São Paulo, Brazil, Mazurek currently leads and composes for a wide variety of ongoing ensembles, including the Chicago Underground Duo, Exploding Star Orchestra, São Paulo Underground, Pharoah & The Underground (featuring Pharoah Sanders), and most recently Black Cube SP.

Rob recently appeared on the cover of The Wire magazine and was voted MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR by Italy's top jazz magazine, Musica Jazz! He is constantly touring the world and is known as one of today's most intrepid and sought after sound explorers



(Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP)

RUNE 399
"I have always thought of the idea of passing as a beautiful thing, in which the soul or life force of the individual is somehow transferred to the immensity and brilliance of the entirety. The idea of Heaven and Hell (and everything inbetween) has always been a hallmark within the limited spectrum of what we humans can come up with and the idea of God or Gods has, for some, been an interesting way of putting a life and circumstances into some kind of mysterious belief system that can at times be fed off of and at times be fed to." Rob Mazurek, excerpt from Return the Tides

Return The Tides is a deeply felt tribute and requiem for Rob Mazurek's mother, who died 2 weeks before this recording session. The album features Rob's group São Paulo Underground plus additional musicians:

Rob Mazurek - cornet, electronics, voice
Mauricio Takara - drums, cavaquinho (Brazilian ukelele), voice
Guilherme Granado - keyboards, synths, sampler, voice
Thomas Rohrer - rabeca (Brazilian folk fiddle), electronics, soprano saxophone, voice
Rogerio Martins-percussion, voice
Rodrigo Brandão-voice

The sound of Return The Tides is a hazy, gauzy collision of electronics, avant-garde jazz, tropicalia post-rock and noise, with a deep spiritual vibe that matches the subject matter.

The limited edition vinyl edition comes in a beautiful, gatefold jacket and is pressed on purple vinyl (Rob's mother's favorite color); it's a stunning package.

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(Rob Mazurek Octet)

RUNE 349
"Mazurek finds a challenge irresistible, and this is one of his most exciting projects" – The Wire

Skull Sessions combines two of Rob's groups: Sao Paulo Underground and Starlicker with additional personnel. The band is an international cast of masters, including drummer John Herndon (of Tortoise), vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz and flutist Nicole Mitchell, (both DownBeat poll winners on their respective instruments), Guilherme Granado on keyboards and electronics, Carlos Issa on guitar and electronics, Mauricio Takara on percussion and cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele), and Thomas Rohrer on C melody saxophone and rabeca (a rustic Brazilian viola associated with the northeast). The fusion of these musicians ignites a beautiful cosmic burst!

The big bang that led to Skull Sessions detonated when the We Want Miles exhibition at SESC Sao Paulo requested that Mazurek devise a presentation related to his deep affinity for the music of Miles Davis. In characteristic fashion, he decided against recreating any of Davis’s music, instead composing new pieces and rearranging earlier works for the Octet’s particular personalities and unusual timbres. The resulting album is a exploratory album that puts great musicians and compositions together and trusts in them enough to simply let them go!

***Only 250 copies are available from us of the high quality vinyl pressing, which includes a digital download card.

Skull Sessions press release

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Return the Tides
Skull Sessions
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Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost press release
Skull Sessions press release

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