RUNE 3357

Predominantly instrumental, with the inclusion of two songs, this album was written and recorded over a period spanning several bands and other pursuits, but owes its origins to work on music for three emotive environmental films. The cinematic and natural world connections continue through the album’s different moods in real or imaginary locations, through haunting sax - led pieces to wide screen epics. Initial recording took place in my home 8-track studio, including the performances of Pierre-Marie Bonafos (for a session fee of a pair of Doc Marten shoes unavailable in France) and this was expanded and polished in outside facilities with the invaluable contributions of the other musicians.

"If our First Nature lies in the wild and lonely places, somewhere along the way we recognized our Second Nature of art and invention.

The pieces on this album, some of which stem from work on music for emotive environmental films, owe much to this First Nature. I have a strong sense of location for them all.

Due to unforeseeable technological circumstances inherent in the Second, much of what might be taken for keyboards on this album was played on, or generated from guitar and bass; much of what might be taken for drums was played on a keyboard. I blame the manuals."

Rick Biddulph : Guitars, Basses, Guitar Synth, Balalaika, Minimoog, Vocals, Sequencing, Programming

Pierre-Marie Bonafos : saxes (1, 7, 10, 11)
Suzanne Bramson : backing vocals (3)
Barbara Gaskin : backing vocals (8)
Jim Howard : trumpet (10)
Colin Humphries : clarinet, wooden flute (3)
Andy Reynolds : midi drums, samples, egg, additional keyboards and arrangements (1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12)
Dave Storey : brush snare (8)
Perry White : piano (11)

Composed, recorded and produced by Rick Biddulph.

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