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NeBeLNeST emerged with a bang out of France, with an excellent first album in 1998 and a second well received album in 2002. An instrumental quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, on their third album, Nebelnest add more elements of found-sound, noise, improvisation and dissonance to their uniquely post-punk take on dark symphonic rock, updating and punishing that sound beyond recognizable and reaching a whole new audience with it as well.

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RUNE 234

Recorded during a time of chaos and transition for the band - their original guitarist appears on some of the album, as well as his replacement, who has also since left - the uncertainly that they were dealing with filled their music with an exciting tension. Happily, since the album was recorded, they have found a new replacement guitarist and have been busier playing concerts than during anytime in recent years.

"...stunning...powerful and complex...the relentless pace of this album is a challenge to keep up with and multiple listens through the aural pain barrier are essential to even begin to understand where this band is going." - Classic Rock Society

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NeBeLNeST are one of the most adventurous and energetic young bands to emerge on the international post-rock / avant-progressive scene in recent years. The young French band is noted for its dark symphonic rock music influenced by King Crimson, Pulsar & Shylock, laced with psychedelia and improvisation, and played with a riveting level of energy and intensity that 70's bands never even considered! Nova Express, their second CD, is produced by Bob Drake of the 5uu’s and Thinking Plague, and has recorded solo and other CDs for the ReR label. Drake’s distinctive production techniques are a perfect match for NeBeLNeST, emphasizing and augmenting the wide dynamic range of the band’s dark, mesmerizing sound.

"[Neblelnest] sent me [Nova Express], and I must say I find it shockingly great. If I was (no offense) looney enough to have a record label, they would be the first band I'd want to sign." - Dave Kerman (who 3 years later went looney and now runs a record label. Coincidence? You decide!)

"This young quartet evoke the spirit of legendary Euroean Rock In Opposition bands such as Magma, Heldon and Univers Zero. Central to the sound is the continuous rolling boil of Michael Anselmi's drumming and the throbbing, groaning, all-over-the-fretboard bass work of Gregory Tejedor. The two often double up, playing rhythmic figures in unison, for a classic zeuhl bottom end that is absolutely relentless. Guitarist Cyril Malderrez and keyboardist Olivier Tejedor do their own riffing over the top, weaving long, intricate lines and motifs that are nimble and texturally rich, with enough energy and invention to sustain interest over the long haul. This is instrumemtnal prog rock at its very best." - Alternative Press/Bill Tilland

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