Bonez Buonetti • Margrino Collina • Alberto Piras • Alessandro Porreca • Fabrizio Puglisi • Claudio Trotta

A sextet of violin, analog keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and vocals, Deus ex Machina's sound is a unique and unequaled blend of aggressive jazz-rock mixed with complex rhythms, 1970s-style hard-rock guitar and hints of Rock In Opposition-style avant-progressive rock, all topped by the incredible vocals of Alberto Piras, one of the most extraordinary vocalists working in rock today.





RUNE 259/260

For this album, the band wanted to do something different and came up with an idea that presented a fun challenge to themselves. They had never played in France and on the outskirts of Paris, there was a world-class nightclub - Le Triton - that also featured a full recording studio as well as the ability to do a professional video shoot during performances. The band rented Le Triton for 3 days and spent two days recording. They also played a concert which was filmed. The result is Imparis, a double set that comprises a studio album of new material by the band as well as the band's first-ever DVD. The studio CD contains 45' of new material while the DVD functions as a career overview of their last 10 years, featuring two songs each from their albums Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza, Cinque and Imparis. The concert program of the DVD is 60 minutes of professionally shot and edited live footage of the band performing completely live - there are no 'fixes or sweetening' of the performances and consequently, fans should find it more realistic and representative of a genuine live musical performance by a great, tight band than a typical 'live' DVD. Also included are extras: interviews (funny and enlightening) + Paris backstage + a short, fascinating, avant-garde, prepared piano performance by Fabrizio of a one of the album's works + excerpts from Chapel Hill [USA 1996] + a totally over the top Italian TV performance [1996] + an charmngly dated music video that the band did in 1993. Total time of DVD is about 2 hours. Since they probably won't be coming to your hometown this week/month/year, this one is a no-brainer for their many fans.

“Driving, aggressive fusion mixed with wickedly complex rhythms, hints of R.I.O. and avant-garde sounds, and Alberto Piras’ unbelievable vocal skills...essential.” – Exposé

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RUNE 159

One of the finest avant/progressive bands in the world today, Deus Ex Machina have carved out an enviable reputation with their amazingly high energy live shows and their incredible previous live & studio albums. They are an Italian sextet of vocals, violin, Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes piano/Arp Odyssey synth, guitar, bass and drums. All of the players are top notch, but, as we all know, the most attention is always paid to the vocalist, & in the classically trained Alberto Piras, who sings in both Latin and Italian (!), Deus Ex Machina have one of the greatest voices in rock ever. Cinque is their fifth studio work, and is a astonishing, heady blend of jazz/rock fusion with heavy progressive rock. This is the first album by D.E.M. released outside of Italy, and I can not begin to tell you how proud we are to have them on Cuneiform.

“The growth of the music has been constant in the band’s career, making it difficult to compare what have become stages in an evolving work. ...This remains pure Deus Ex Machina -- lyrical, provoking, and genre-pushing.... Like previous opuses, this album requires a certain number of listens before any melody has a chance to gel in your mind but, when it does, it becomes very powerful. Of course, the music is propelled and dominated by Alberto Piras’ riveting operatic voice.” – All Music Guide

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Imparis press release
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