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Time of Orchids is an indefinable avant-rock band that formed in 1999 in New York City. After 3 self-released albums and a release on Tzadik that brought them to a much wider audience, Namesake Caution is their fifth release and their first on Cuneiform. They don't sound like anyone else, but you can definitely hear elements of film scores, Thinking Plague, new wave/no wave, The Beach Boys, Shudder to Think, Yes and The Magic Band, among many others. These disparate influences should give you an idea of just how different this band is from basically anyone else I can think of! They have a unique and jarring slant on music – a wedding of staggered angularity and a sweeping, seductive beauty.


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RUNE 257

This is the band's most dramatic work yet – an album that sparkles with a deceptive pop linearity and ventures maniacally outward from that base. Nicely recorded by Colin Marston (Behold....The Arctopus), this album boasts layer upon layer of rich, orchestrated vocals, strange guitar figures and otherworldly keyboard textures, all draped atop a rhythm section who are rock solid and complex. Weird...stunning...and weird once again, this unlike anything else except Time of Orchids.

"Dense and complex...haunted sonic cinematography and elliptical poetry." - Time Out NY

"Creative, intricate rock composition played with great precision and painstakingly crafted melody and harmony." - Downtown Music Gallery

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