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DC's Avant Music Stars
Janel & Anthony
Announce Their European Premiere

Fresh off the success of their Cuneiform release Where Is Home, Washington, DC's cello/guitar/electronic virtuosos head across the pond for a series of spring European appearances


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Janel and Anthony European Spring Tour
May 2 - 17, 2014

May 2 - La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland - L'entre-deux Cafe, 27 rue Jaquet Drot
May 3 - Lyon, France - Kraspek, 20 montée St Sébastien
May 4 - Milan, Italy - La Casa Di Alex, 5 Via Moncalieri
May 6 - Nice, France - Le Zonme, 7 bis rue des combattants en Afrique du Nord
May 7 - Perpignan, France - L'Anthropo Asso, 28 bis rue des rois de Majorque
May 8 - Toulouse, France - Amanita Muscaria, 3 rue Viguerie
May 9 - Chateldon, France - Le Festival Rural de Chateldon
May 10 - Grandis, France - Librairie Compagnon, Rue des Ecoles
May 12 - Orleans, France - le 108, 108 rue de Bourgogne
May 13 - Paris, France - (More info TBA)
May 14 - Paris, France - "Espace Jailloo", 6 rue Eugène Berthoud, Saint Ouen
May 16, 17 - Rekjavik, Iceland - Mengi, Óðinsgata 2

Listen to a free Track from Where is Home, courtesy of Cuneiform Records: "Big Sur" (mp3 download)

After having long established themselves as highly-respected musical innovators in the nation's capital, and entrancing audiences in tours across the USA, the musically omnivorous experimental duo Janel and Anthony will make a long anticipated voyage overseas and tour Europe this spring. The group will spend most of their time in France, with a few stops in Switzerland, Italy and Iceland along the way.

Cellist Janel Leppin and guitarist Anthony Pirog are recognized as leaders in Washington, DC's flourishing experimental music scene, respected for both their studio recordings and their frequent and always-captivating live shows. Their second album, Where Is Home, released by Cuneiform Records in 2012, bolstered their rising stardom even further, and spread the word internationally of their lush recordings. Now, for the first time, Janel and Anthony bring their intimate and intoxicating live performances to the international stage.

In Europe, the duo will perform in a variety of venues ranging from jazz clubs to house shows to a festival, Le Festival Rural de Chateldon in Chateldon, France. Regardless of setting, the duo will immerse themselves and their European audiences in music that is simultaneously unique, captivating and boundary-pushing. Fans of dynamic art, of music that transcends genre boundaries and explores the borders of composition and beauty, should not miss out on these rare and very special Janel and Anthony European performances.

Prior to the Janel and Anthony dates, Janel will be accompanying Marissa Nadler on the Europe leg of her upcoming tour from April 17-29. Ticket and venue information for those shows can be found here. Be sure to check them out in Gent, Amsterdam, Bristol, Halifax, Brighton, London, Paris, Utrecht, Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague!


 Where Is Home [Cuneiform, 2012]

"They've studied and performed everything from surf rock to jazz, modern classical, and Hindustani ragas...those assorted influences mesh into one, beautiful whole."
-Alarm Magazine

“They are sonic experimenters, often improvisational and almost always hauntingly, eerily beautiful.”
- Washington City Paper

"Ethereal...conversational magic"
- The Village Voice

“...two absolute virtuosos... The result is a marvelous surprise at every turn, as the duo creates atmospheres that at times evoke the music of Steve Tibbetts, Brian Eno, even soundtrack music. ...Exquisite...4 stars"
- DownBeat

"Janel and Anthony...both exist on so many levels, each piece is like a hundred doors opening up!"
- Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)

"A beguiling, thoughtfully crafted album... 4 stars"
BBC Music Magazine’s

"Though primarily instrumental, [Janel and Anthony] isn't ambient background noise...You'll find yourself drawn in anew with each song"
- Washington Post

Artist Bio

Sharing the inclusive spirit of jazz and 21st century classical music, elegant experimentalism is the hallmark of Janel and Anthony's lush, orchestral sound. While they began in the DC suburbs, Janel and Anthony have captivated live audiences around the world by blending styles to create a unique aural experience, unconstrained by genre. Sophisticated, yet accessible, their music is wholly evocative of Washington D.C.'s rich and eclectic culture.

Janel and Anthony is the collaborative venture of two of the leaders in DC's burgeoning experiential music scene: Anthony Pirog, an omnivorous guitarist, with influences ranging from surf to ambient, and Janel Leppin, a conservatory trained cellist steeped in North Indian and Persian classical music, free improvisation, experimentalism and jazz. Acclaimed performers in their own right, the duo came together to form Janel and Anthony in 2005 and the result has been sonically spectacular.

Given the many facets of its their tastes and interests, Janel and Anthony's music is difficult to categorize. The textures and tones create a sound both timely and timeless. The elements of electronica, looping and lo-fi timbres mingle intimately and majestically with acoustic instruments and melodies reminiscent of folk tunes and blues. Their music is global in its sonic, instrumental and emotional reach, while remaining touchingly intimate.

The performance features compositions alternating with brief improvisational encounters, artfully employing the use of loops and electronics. The duo features Pirog on electric guitar and Leppin on cello. While exploring themes of restlessness, homesickness and feelings of disorientation, the music is deft and focused, shimmering with vivid professionalism.

Leppin and Pirog each grew up in Vienna, Virginia. While they attended the same high school, they did not begin playing music together until college. They have collaborated on two albums, 2006's Janel and Anthony, available on Cricket Cemetery Records and 2012's Where is Home, available on Cuneiform Records. Janel and Anthony toured the East and West Coasts in the summer of 2012 and are hitting the road again this summer in support of Where is Home, this time in Europe.

Anthony Pirog is a studied yet unorthodox guitarist with a degree in guitar performance from NYU. Pirog has played in bands ranging from surf and roots rock to hard rock to experimentalism and jazz. He leads his own jazz and classical ensembles and has played shows all over the country. Janel Leppin studied cello performance at GMU with a minor in World Music and a focus in classical Indian and Persian music.

D.C. Music Download recently called the group, “One of the best live performers in D.C., the duo does a fantastic job of improvising on stage and complimenting each other’s music prowess.” Janel and Anthony are leaders in the D.C. experimental music scene, and in the past year alone have played crowded, dynamic shows at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, the Biowall in downtown Silver Spring, and many other venues across the city and country.